Don’t Oversell the Cell Vision

Church Leadership

Spring 2007

by Joel Comiskey

Myth: tell the church how wrong it is and how ideal cell church is

Truth: just do it. People need to see cell ministry worked out practically so they can experience it

Now I believe strongly in the cell church concept and try to promote it continually. Yet, cell vision and promotion must ultimately be turned into reality. Pastors that make cell groups work in their church are able to turn their intentions into reality.

Some pastors fall into the trap of “over-preaching” and “over-selling.” They are constantly talking about how wrong the present day church is and how cell church is the only true New Testament structure. Yet, some of these pastors are never able to put their heavenly vision into practical reality. They over-sell and under-deliver. The congregation gets tired of hearing how bad the church is today when they’re not seeing the cell church alternative working in their own church.

I promote the radical middle in cell ministry. The term Radical Middle highlights the radical nature of cell ministry yet also proclaims the need for practicality—it must work. The word radical means that cell ministry will often go against the grain of conventional thinking that says Sunday morning is church.

The middle is important because the sensitive cell church leader must make sure that the congregation is following and not left behind in a trail of idealism. Some pastors are very radical about cell ministry but just can’t seem to lead their congregations to follow along. The Radical Middle declares that great cell ministry will eventually work to make disciples, grow congregations, and plant new churches. Solutions, rather than idealism, will ultimately win the day.