Increased Giving in Cell Churches

Church Leadership

by Joel Comiskey

Fall 2011

I have found that when a church becomes a cell church (whether “transitioning” to the cell church or planting a cell church), the financial giving increases. I don’t have any hard statistical proof (although this would be a great research project), but here is why I believe my “theory” holds true:

When a church gets involved in cell minstry and the people start attending cells, they learn to share transparently, grow as disciples, and eventually learn that giving their tithes and offerings is an important part of the Christian life. Those who primarily come to hear a message on Sunday don’t have the same commitment. They are often “sermon tasters” rather than maturing disciples and this is reflected in their lack of giving.

While it’s true that giving is at an all time low (about 6-14% of Christians tithe to their churches, according to Barna), this percentage can change when members realize that they are the ministers, the priests of the living God (Revelation 1:6). Again, cell ministry adds health to the congregation, which is reflected in giving patterns. When members primarily sit and listen, giving is often interpreted as paying for a performance. When those same people realize they are the pastors and ministers, it’s more common to give out of obedience.