Seasonal Cells: Look for Opportunities

Cell Basics

by Joel Comiskey

Summer 2014

Many opportunities abound for summer and seasonal cell groups. Be creative. Find ways to have fun together. In my statistical study of 700 cell leaders, it became clear that having fun together is magnetic for cell members. Leaders who unite their cell members outside the regular meeting have healthier cells, make better disciples, and naturally multiply. This seems like an obvious truth, but it requires lots of planning and prayer.

An effective way to open hearts and attract your oikos (close non-Christian friends) is through social meetings. Cookouts, sports events, retreats in a mountain cabin, or eating events are non-threatening, non-church environments where non-believers are comfortable. Jesus was always eating with people—often in their homes. The early church shared meals in the home. Food, a relaxed atmosphere, and getting to know new people make a great combination. Non-Christians like informal, free-flowing gatherings where they’re not the center of attention.

Here are some additional ideas to vary your cell group during seasonal months:

  • Plan a “friendship dinner” instead of the normal cell meeting and invite non-Christian friends.
  • During a cell meeting, watch an evangelistic video instead of having a Bible-based lesson.
  • Prepare a special outreach to one segment of society, such as police officers or teachers (certain cell churches have used this approach with great success).
  • Plan a picnic for the purpose of inviting friends.

Pray and dream about your cell group and ask God to show you new ways to have fun and reach people for Jesus. God will show you his vision for your group during the seasonal months and what you can do to take advantage of these special occasions.