Do Your Best

Cell Basics

by Joel Comiskey

Fall 2007

Several months I was eating lunch with cell leaders in a church in Connecticut. I had just finished preaching in the two morning services and the pastoral staff and cell leaders were gathered around to ask questions about cell ministry. LIKEjesus


One youth cell leader shared his frustration with cell members not paying attention during the cell meeting. He said, “I prepare really hard for my cell lesson, and I feel that God shows me what I should I say and the questions I should ask the group. How come the members seem so bored with the meeting? I feel like I must be doing something wrong. What do you think?”

I told him that oftentimes we really don’t know what’s going on inside people. I told him that during my two Sunday sermons that morning, I felt like a failure at times. Why? Because several people were yawning, appeared bored, and just didn’t seem like they were getting much out of my message. I had to cry out inwardly to God. But ultimately I could only do my best and leave the results to God.

The senior pastor chimed in, “Monday’s are often my most depressing days. I’m always thinking about what I should have said or could have done differently in my sermon.”

I told this youth cell leader, “Oftentimes, leading a cell is finding out what pastors experience all the time.” I told him, “all you can do is your very best. Hear from Jesus, prepare your cell lesson, and then just believe that you’ve done your best FOR HIM.”