Videos: Joel Comiskey’s teaching on the small group and small group based churches

Books Recommended: Books that Comiskey recommends for small groups/cell ministry

Small Group Basics: Articles about foundational small group principles

Cell Coaching: Articles about how to coach small group leaders (e.g., G12, etc.)

Children and Youth Cells: These articles talk about why and how to implement children and youth cell groups

Church Leadership: Articles about small group ministry for pastors and leaders (e.g., transitioning to cell ministry, etc.)

Church Planting: Articles about church planting that especially highlight simple cell church planting

Evangelism/multiplication: Articles about how to evangelize and multiply small groups

JCG Newsletters: Monthy newsletters that contain timely articles about small group ministry

Leadership Development: Articles about developing and training small group leaders

Ph.D. Dissertation: Joel Comiskey’s complete Ph.D. dissertation about cell ministry.

Ph.D. Tutorials: Pre-dissertation papers Comiskey wrote about cell ministry in preparation for dissertation

Worldwide Cell Churches: Articles exploring cell churches worldwide