2020 Vision

by Joel Comiskey

January 2020

Every few years I get my eyes checked. Normally, the eye doctor recommends a new pair of glasses–ones that are specifically fitted to help me see better. The doctor compares my faulty vision to 2020 vision–the ability to see all the lines of letters from 20 feet away. 

How is your eyesight for the year 2020? If you’re going to have 2020 vision in the year 2020, you need to start with the why.  That is, why are you doing what you’re doing?  Why are you leading a cell or pastoring a church

Some churches simply want to have more people attending. They feel the denominational pressure to grow. Building goals consume other churches. Some churches started well but have lost sight of the goal and have let their ministry stagnate. They need a checkup and a new pair of glasses for 2020.  

So what is the best vision to have in 2020? 

Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:18-20. He commands his own disciples to make more and better disciples. Notice how Jesus talks about more disciples  in verse 19 as he tells his disciples to “go” and “baptize.” Then in verse 20 he instructs them to make better disciples by teaching them to observe all things he commanded them. 

The correct vision for 2020 is fulfilling the great commission through making more and better disciples. I believe the cell-based church is best suited to make more and better disciples through cell, celebration, coaching, and equipping. 

Better disciples. What are you doing in 2020 to make better disciples? Are you helping your members grow spiritually, take a day off, and improve their marriages? How can you improve your coaching of leaders? 

More disciples. What about more disciples? Are you encouraging them to enter the discipleship equipping and multiply cells?