Day One in Cell Ministry: Going Back to Disciple-making

by Joel Comiskey


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is the richest man in the world and Amazon is one the most successful companies. One reason for Bezo’s success is keeping the company’s vision fresh. “It’s Always Day One” has been Bezos’s mantra ever since he founded the company 24 years ago, and this phrase guides Amazon today.

Some cell churches need to go back to day one. They’ve lost the initial excitement of house to house ministry. They’ve forgotten the pure joy of making disciples who make disciples through cell groups. They’ve become bogged down with complicated methods and programs.  Cell ministry subtly has become “old hat” and even boring. “We are supposed to do it this way,” becomes the  guiding theme and this mentality excites no one.  It’s even possible to become legalistic, especially if the church is following someone else’s model, rather than biblical principles. Churches, like individuals, need renewal and refreshment–to go back to day one.

One pastor I’ve been coaching for five years recently asked me to help the church  “re-imagine” or “re-vitalize” their vision. They wanted to go back to day one. This pastor was referring to a re-dedication or renewal in the vision. This church didn’t want to reinvent the cell vision and were actually doing quite well. But they also noticed that some people were simply going through the motions and had lost the “why” of cell ministry. This church wanted their people to experience the joy of cell ministry once again.  They wanted to go back to day one.

Is God calling your church to go back to day one? The first place to start is a re-dedication to the biblical base for cell ministry. Without the biblical passion running through the entire cell vision, people can forget the reason behind the cell church.