When it Hurts to Multiply

Evangelism and Multiplication

Spring, 2006

by Joel Comiskey

Have you ever found youself in a situation when you didn’t want to multiply your cell group?

My first and best-selling book thus far is Home Cell Group Explosion. This book talked about the cell churches around the world that are breaking records in multiplication. And I still believe that multiplication is the guiding start of cell mnistry.

Since starting the first cell in my home in this church plant, we’ve multiplied several times. Yet, right now I’m struggling with multiplication. I’m learning practically why multiplication can be so gut-wrenchingly difficult at times. Let me explain.

We have a couple in our cell who we love very dearly. They are great friends–the type that we just like to hang out with. They were unchurched people when they joined our cell, and they still need a lot of spiritual growth. Two other families also attend our cell regularly. My wife and I have held off mentioning multiplication because the situation has been tender, since this couple has been hurt in the past.

Yet, I wrote the book on multiplication! (do you get my drift). And I truly believe that each cell needs to be guided by the DNA of multiplicaiton. Yet in my flesh, this will be a more difficult multiplication.

So I need to tell this couple and the entire cell that we will be multiplying in one year’s time (June 2008). But you know something, it’s hard. I was planning on telling this couple last week before the cell (we’re going through the training track together), but the wife of this particular couple was going through some major life struggles. So it will have to wait until next month.

I’m more convinced than ever that multiplication must be the guiding star of the cell group. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to multiply. It can even be downright painful. . .