Next Generation Ministry

By Joel Comiskey, Children in Cell Ministry

Luis Bush, a well-known missionary strategist, spent the first half of his career promoting the 10/40 Window.

Bush’s thesis was that Christian missionaries need to target their efforts on this area of the world because most of the world’s non-Christian population lives in that region. While Bush continues to believe that the 10/40 Window is essential, in September 2009, he announced a new initiative called the “4/14 Window,” reaching children between the ages of four and fourteen—the largest and most strategic group of people in the world.

The reality is that eighty-five percent of conversion experiences occur in people between the ages of four and fourteen. To make disciples of all nations, we must start with children and youth. Making disciples in cell church ministry is simple, involving four elements that are directed at  making disciples:

  • Cell
  • Celebration
  • Equipping
  • Coaching

As my good friend Daphne Kirk is fond of saying, “Like adults, like children.” She says, “Children have the same needs as adults in many areas. Most of the problems encountered are because their needs are expected to differ, and adults feel they could never cope with any significant interaction with them.”

For our November blog theme, we’ll write twenty blogs focused on making disciples of children and youthClick here if you’d like to receive these blogs in your email inbox. We’ll cover:

  • November 05-11: reaching the next generation. The biblical basis for making disciples of children and youth is the same way we do it for adults.  
  • November 12-18: making disciples of children and youth through the cell groups. Why children and youth need to be involved in cell groups. 
  • November 19-25: children and youth in the cell system. Let’s talk about ensuring children and youth are involved in the equipping and coaching.  
  • November 26 to December 02: The dangers of neglecting our children and youth in cell ministry. What are the consequences of neglecting the discipleship of our youth?