Counseling in the Cell Church

Cell Basics

by Joel Comiskey

Summer 2012

Cell groups often bring needy people to the surface. Carl George in his 1991 book, Prepare Your Church for the Future, coined the term “EGR” (Extra Grace Required) to refer to people who have special emotional needs and cause problems in the group.

Some EGR people are caged in by satanic bondages and need liberation. Others simply need to learn the art of small group dynamics, like listening rather than talking all the time. Yet, certain EGR people have deeper needs that require special attention.

I remember one EGR person in my group who I confronted about a critical, labeling spirit. Rather than receive what I had to say, he turned on me. At first I took it personally, but soon realized that this wounded person hurt everyone in his path and fulfilled the saying, “Hurt people, hurt people.”

Some people have gone through the cell church training track, including breaking free from certain bondages, but continue with problems. Yes, the equipping/training track of the cell church helps a lot. Yet, some people need more. The truth of the matter is that certain ones need extra attention–like counseling.

Counseling might take place at the cell level or the celebration (church) level. Cell churches utilize both wings to counsel people.