Story Time

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Martin Luther stated, “Christ could have taught in a profound way but wished to deliver his message with the utmost simplicity in order that the common people might understand.  Good God, there are sixteen-year-old girls, women, old men, and farmers in church, and they don’t understand lofty matters!… Accordingly, he’s the best preacher who can teach in a plain, childlike, popular and simple way.”

As one peruses the gospel accounts, you see that Jesus’ life was not an essay.  His life’s purpose was not to spearhead a systematic theology that might be passed down through the generations.  Further, the gospels do not record one long sermon in which Jesus pontificates a philosophy of life.  Instead, you discover that Jesus’ life was a story.  His story has transformed billions of lives and remains the most  penetrating and awe-inspiring story ever heard.

Elie Wiesel wrote, “God made man because he loves stories.”  And he’s given you a story to tell, hasn’t he?

Daniel Taylor encourages us by stating, “Here is the story: it starts, `In the beginning, God created,’ and it runs through time and through Biblical history and church history and now up to the present time.  And now you come, too.  You join the story, you be a character in that story.”

Let me encourage you to tell this blog community a story of how God is working in your cell.  In fifty to one hundred words (just a few paragraphs), would you take a few minutes and tell us such a story?  “His-story” through your cell members will lift our spirit and encourage us.  Click on comments below and give it a whirl.

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

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