Life Stories

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Elie Wiesel wrote, “God made man because he loves stories.”

Let me present to you a sad reality that may exist in your cell (church).  Your cell may have “been together” and “with each other” for months and not know the life stories of the cell members.

I would encourage you to remedy the situation.  For example, how about once a month a cell member would have the opportunity to share his/her life story in thirty minutes or less during a cell gathering?

A few cells in my church family practice this ….AND they LOVE getting to KNOW their fellow cell members.

Listening to HIS-story through the lives of your cell members will ignite your cell experience.

Larry Crabb wrote, “Throughout Genesis and the Old Testament, man is the mediator.  He is the connection between past and the future.  He remembers the sotries of old, the stories of his fathers and grandfathers.  And he lives to transfer the story of God to the next generation, to his children and grandchildren.”

I challenge you to share your life stories!

by Rob Campbell


Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

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