No Success without a Successor

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coach-tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

Jim Daly is the new President and CEO of Focus on the Family and the successor of founder Dr. James Dobson.  My wife and I just returned from an evening together with Mr. Daly, H.B. London, Jr. and the Pastoral Ministries staff of FOF.  It is apparent that a great commitment has been made to transition the leadership of this world-wide ministry in order to “reach another generation”, as stated by Jim Daly.  This process has been in the works for 3-4 years and has come to fruition in a beautiful way.

There can be no success without a successor!  Spending the evening with such a reputable ministry that demonstrates this principle by its actions has been inspiring.  I found it remarkable that Dr. Dobson announced his transition on February 28 in a gathering of the staff in Colorado Springs, while I did the same with our church on March 1; This encouraged me greatly.

Our blog readers know that I have been on a similar mission to transition the leadership of Big Bear Christian Center motivated by comparable desire.  Last Sunday I introduced my “Timothy” to the congregation, as God has provided a man for me to mentor over the next few years.  By His grace, Rob Hastings will succeed me as the Senior Pastor and become a great Champion for Cells in our community.  This will come after a season of discipleship and growth in the principles of cell ministry. Rob and I must first share a relationship comparable  to Paul and Timothy, Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, developing discipleship in the context of relationship.  I like the phrase “discipleship only happens in the context of relationship”.  Mentoring a new leader for our cell church will be a wonderful, life-changing experience for both of us.

Every cell leader (and cell Pastor) should be walking in a mentoring relationship in order to multiply himself/herself for the expansion of our Father’s kingdom on earth.  Jesus said, “Go, make disciples…” and we must, at whatever stage of leadership we are in presently. Successors lead to success in our mission!