Coaches Really Help

by | Aug 2, 2010 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

by Jeff Tunnell

The conversation went like this, “I am a bit discouraged in this area as it relates to our cell leaders.  Little effective coaching is occurring and the results are obvious; maintenance is the order of the day for our cells that have no real enthusiasm about evangelism or multiplication of new leaders.  We lay stagnating in the pool of mediocrity and small groups have become support groups without purpose.  We need the river of God’s life-bringing presence to flow into our pool and I seem to be the least likely candidate for ushering that into our midst because of my discouragement.”

Pastors, does this sound like you?  Cell champions, have you lost the leading edge of your ministry?  It may be due to having so much going on with transition or demands for continuing pastoral care.  The needs of a congregation press in on the pastor and traditional approaches REQUIRE him/her to perform all the regular duties simultaneously to attempting to build a coaching structure for his cell leaders.

Someone needs a friend in this scenario, but not JUST a friend.  A coach can bring some objectivity to the mix and help this discouraged leader find his way again.  This is not a time to give in or surrender but pulling back to regroup is definitely in order.  Asking some pointed questions about the spiritual life, reviewing existing goals for clarity (or reality) could be just enough to redirect this leader toward finding the personal river of HIS life-giving presence that will bring new hope and vibrancy.

Why do I need coaching?  Encouragement, accountability, inspiration and knowing someone has an interest in me and the work I am attempting by God’s life in me.  Every Paul needs a Barnabas!



Jeff Tunnell is a JCG board member, pastor emeritus, and cell church advocate.