Practical Coaching Focal Points

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By Michael Sove

I like the way Randall Neighbour sub-titled his book, A Pocket Guide to Coaching Small Groups.  It reads, “Befriending leaders and helping groups produce fruit.”   To me that is a concise description of what a coach is to focus on.  Care for them and help them be the best they can be as a leader and developer of people on a mission.

This week I want to share some of the focal points I have as I meet with cell leaders for our monthly one on one time together.

Focal Point #1 Person This is where I spend time finding out about how they are doing as a person.  We talk about their spiritual life, family life, and business life.  I’m concerned that they have balance in their lives.  I will always ask them for a few prayer requests, both personal and for their cell, as I seek to pray daily and specifically for them.  I want them to feel loved and cared for.

Focal Point #2  People – In this focal point we talk about who the cell is reaching out to as well as the core team and how they are doing.  I may give them contacts that I’ve run across that I feel would be a good fit for their cell.  Cell ministry is all about people so we spend time focusing on people both inside and outside the cell.

Focal Point #3  Process – We will spend some time talking about our equipping process and where people are in that process.  We will determine what next steps to challenge the individuals to take.  The focus here is on discipleship and spiritual development.

Focal Point #4  Praises & Problems – During our time together I ask them to share the victories of the last month.  We focus on what has gone well in their cell and I look for stories of God’s movement in their midst.  This is where I find potential cell spots to highlight during our Sunday morning celebration services.  Of course after we have celebrated these high points we will spend time talking about struggles and areas of needed improvement.  Before leaving this section I help the leader come up with steps to take to improve in these areas of weakness or struggle.

Focal Point #5  Potential – Here we dream about future leaders and future cells.  We also talk about mission focus of the cell, both local and foreign.  This is an exciting time of dreaming together about their cell being a high impact cell.

What do you focus on as you gather to coach your cell leaders?


Michael Sove

Michael Sove