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by Jeff Tunnell

Dare I suggest that Jesus practiced the TURBO! method of leadership multiplication?  Spend 2-3 years with a diverse group of hand-picked individuals, pouring your life into them by teaching and modeling the truth in power, die to self and let them live out your mission in total commitment.

Using this TURBO! method now, we simply form a cell in which everyone is in training to lead their own cell.  Live in community with one another until a measure of success is reached in adopting biblical values and then everyone launches a cell of their own at a prescribed time.  All at once – TURBO! mulitiplication from one to 10 cells in a short period of time.

Jesus gave the disciples His Holy Spirit, enabling them to live His life our through theirs and it worked to the point of reaching all the way to us.  The Holy Spirit will fill us and breath His mission into us as well, this is key.  With His power for living we can disciple a group to become leaders in our generation, just like the early disciples did as the church was being born into an exponential growth.

This is just ONE of many ways cells may be multiplied and requires strong relational ties between all members of the first cell as a foundation followed by close accountability after the multiplication period.



Jeff Tunnell is a JCG board member, pastor emeritus, and cell church advocate.