Renew and Enlarge Your Vision

by | Jan 11, 2008 | Cell Church Ministry | 0 comments

joelWe’ve been talking about leadership tips. Steve Cordle reminded us yesterday about the importance of waiting on God to hear what He says. Amen, Steve. Great leaders are led by vision. And the lasting, important visions come from God. fish tank

We need God’s renewing vision on a daily basis. Are you leading a cell? Seek Jesus for His vision for your cell group. Are you considering leading a cell group? Capture what He’s saying about your future cell leadership. On Wednesday I read an interesting story about vision and a fish tank. Lance Wallnau was interviewing a homeowner for a project. Lance writes:

“I glanced at his fish tank and saw a most unusual, almost exotic looking fish. ‘What kind of fish is that?’ I asked. ‘That is a Japanese Oranda fish,’ the owner replied with evident pride. The fish seemed a bit larger than any tropical fish I had seen, so I asked, ‘How big will it grow?’ ‘That depends,’ the owner answered thoughtfully. ‘Depends on what?’ I mumbled absentmindedly as I observed the different colors of the scales. ‘Depends on the size tank you put it in. Stick him in a 50-gallon tank and he grows to nine. Without a tank he can be a foot long'” (Tranformational Coaching, p. 193).

As we spend time with God, He instills us with His vision for our lives and ministries. He also enlarges our vision. He helps us to enter new “fish tanks” of ministry with greater effectiveness and power. Asks Jesus to renew and enlarge your vision today.





Joel Comiskey, Ph.D., founder of JCG Resources