Apprenticeship in the Junkyard

by | Dec 10, 2008 | Cell Church Ministry | 0 comments

Jeff Tunnellby Jeff Tunnell

My wife and I helped with a surprise birthday party in one of the cells last night.  We gathered outside the house with a small band of friends and came in singing the familiar Happy Birthday tune just as the cell was ending. The person we were celebrating was so surprised that she was looking around the room trying to discover whose birthday it was not realizing that it was for her!

As we ate cake I spoke with a couple that was new to me. I was impressed to find out that SHE had recently rebuilt her own Jeep, engine and all.  She explained that when she went to the junkyard to get parts and advice, the owner took an interest in her project and began to coach her personally. As she approached each step of rebuilding the car, he would explain how to proceed and then watch her do the work, guiding her with his words, experience and attention but not doing the work for her.

I hope this leaves a picture in your mind as it did mine!  Effective coaching combined with close supervision are a quest when launching new cell leaders.  I believe that many “less than perfect” leaders could be utilized IF they have both of these; Regular relational contact with an experienced leader (supervision) and guidance that leads to success in cell ministry (coaching).

Last weekend my new acquaintance completed a brake job on her car all by herself…now to what conclusions does that lead you?