New Year Resolutions for Your Cell Ministry

by | Jan 4, 2009 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

joelJanuary is a month of new beginnings. What would you like to see God do in your church in 2009? New cells? Start a celebration service? Transition to the cell church? Refocus?

One of my goals is to see a new robust cell group in my house which will primarily reach my neighborhood. One "outside the neighborhood" 2009Christian couple will probably join us. Our plan is for my wife and I to meet with this couple at 6:30 p.m. to take them through the equipping track, starting with the LIVE book. The LIFE group will start at 7 p.m..

Yet, we’ve made it clear to this new couple that our vision is to reach neighbors. .

We invited our next door neighbor two days ago. They seemed very interested, but the wife mentioned that she works late on Tuesday night. The husband said that he was available, as well as their two daughters. I was pleasantly shocked when they said, "And our daughter has not been baptized, and we’re wondering if you could perform the baptism!" They went on to say, "As you know, we have a pool in the backyard." I mentioned the need for pre-baptismal training. My hope is that I can use the equipping track as the training–and not only prepare the daughter for baptism but also minister to the entire family.

Perhaps you already have a cell and your goal is to prepare another leader? Or perhpas you plan on becoming a coach of other cell leaders in 2009? What are you hoping to see God do in your church ministry in 2009?

Joel Comiskey